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Song by Song

Jul 28, 2021

Multi-instrumentalist and 99pi music producer Sean Real joins Sam & Martin to discuss coherent and incoherent images of madness. Our discussion revolves around the song's gothic viscerality, the texture of both album and demo versions, and head back to a late 60s' image of the madness in Wonderland.


Jul 21, 2021

Never lost for a conversation, Jo, Miranda, Martin and Sam take a look at the theatrical and political context of Waits's less-mannered song of longing. We return to some conversations from recent episodes, consider Kathleen Brennan's presence in these songs, and break SbS rules to revisit Lotte Lenya's presentation...

Jul 14, 2021

Miranda returns alongside Jo (not currently available on table-tops) to talk about parody and joy in this Waits track as well as it's 1992 demo version. We dig into a discussion of the entertainment industry, images of American exceptionalism, and the presence/absence of women in music.


Jul 7, 2021

As Waits takes a left-turn into a very different story from the 19th century, we're joined by Miranda Horvath and Jo Lewis to take a look at some of the gender politics in the tale of Edward Mordrake, and how nostalgia/fear/obsession are represented in this week's tracks.