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Song by Song

Dec 16, 2015

Martin and Sam are joined by Tom Waits's close personal friend Isy Suttie to discuss the final tracks of The Heart of Saturday Night. Metaphorical vs literal locations, the romance of working-class life vs the reality, and lying to taxi drivers all feature.

Song by Song is Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay; two...

Dec 9, 2015

Contradictions and oppositions abound this episode, as Alice makes her departure from Sam and Martin. Discussion centers on the politics of pet names, social compromise and... some more ridiculous stuff too. Who will our next guest host be? Have we jumped the shark on interval tracks? Where will Alice be...

Dec 2, 2015

We enter the hangover from the night before as Martin, Sam and Alice discuss issues of originality and authenticity, as well as some of the darker history of the performers appearing on the album.

Song by Song is Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay; two musicians listening to and discussing every single Tom Waits track...