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Song by Song

Mar 8, 2023

Musician and writer Christa Couture joins Martin and Sam for the final few Orphans, including a Book of Knots collaboration, the tale of an unpaid grocery bill, and a bit of ol’ Blue Eyes. Our penultimate episode for the season includes a celebration of youth, silly storytelling, and a surprise vocal cameo by the one and only Kathleen.

twitter: @songbysongpod

Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include:
Pray, Orphans: Brawlers Bawlers & Bastards, Tom Waits (2006)
Young At Heart, Orphans: Brawlers Bawlers & Bastards, Tom Waits (2006)
Missing My Son, Orphans: Brawlers Bawlers & Bastards, Tom Waits (2006)
Good Bayou, The Living Record, Christa Couture (2012)

We think your Song by Song experience will be enhanced by hearing, in full, the songs featured in the show, which you can get hold of from your favourite record shop or online platform. Please support artists by buying their music, or using services which guarantee artists a revenue - listen responsibly.